About Myself

Dyolzas is an alias that I use to sign-off all my projects. My real name is Wouter Duyols. I already knew I would become a software engineer since I was a kid. I was always building stuff with whatever I could find. It started with Lego and Playmobil and a few years later I was already trying to create something with nails, screws and wood. When I became older I realised that if you really want to create something useful that you need the tools for it. I thought programming would be the easiest to realize as I only needed a computer. I was 12 years old when I wrote my first website. At that moment I would not know that building that website would determine the path that I now travel.

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MEDIAGENIX - Software Engineer


Soccer, Fitness, cycling, ...


KU Leuven - Master of Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology

Youth movement

21 years - monitor for 3 years

Programming Languages

I am developing in Smalltalk at my current job. That's also the reason why I've put it on top of my list. Smalltalk is a not so known programming language, but I'm glad that I learned it. The syntax of Smalltalk is different than other languages and it forces you to program in a more abstract way. When I program now in other programming languages, I try to use the same structures and patterns as in Smalltalk.

A lot of my side projects are developed in PHP. That's why it's on the second place in my list. I learned it on my own when I was 14 years old and I never felt the need to learn a new programming language for web development. At this moment I'm still developing in PHP. And of course when you do web development you also have to know a lot about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.

Java and C were programming languages that I used a lot for school courses. My knowledge about these programming languages is good but no so good as Smalltalk or PHP that I still use daily.

Other languages that I have used for school are: .NET, C#, VHDL, Android, Latex, Visual Basic, Prolog, Haskell, C++. I did not put them in the list because my knowledge about them is really basic



HTML, CSS, JavaScript




Recent Projects

2021 - Duyols Gins

Duyols Gins

During COVID-19 we created our own gins. It started as a hobby but it expanded really quick to something bigger.

Altcoin Tool

The Altcoin Tool is a project where I'm working on in my free time. It's currently a portfolio where you can keep track of your crypto currencies. This project has been rewritten recently in symfony.

KBVB Calendar Sync

This tool was build to create ical events of our football games and to import them into our personal agenda.