2020 - Dyolzas

Duyols Gins

During COVID-19 we created our own gins. It started as a hobby but it expanded really quick to something bigger.

2020 - Dyolzas


In 2020 I decided to make an overview of all my projects I created since I started with web development. So here it is, my portfolio.

2019 - Dyolzas

Songs Bivak

Our Cookie team of our local youth movement (where I am part of) wanted to play a game during the big camp. Everyone could add 10 songs to a playlist and then we needed to guess who added which songs to the list.

2019 - KWB Zemst-Laar

KWB Zemst-Laar

The KWB of Zemst-Laar asked me to renew their website. A key thing for them was that they could manage the website on their own. That's why I build the website on top of the Drupal CMS.

2018 - Chiro Skippy

Teedee Verniet

Here I created a simple website for the big party of our local youth movement. I also remastered the logo of the party.


MGX Soup Bot

I created an automatic soup bot for MEDIAGENIX which was parsing a pdf file of our local soup deliverer and was sending push messages to everyone on slack.

Altcoin Tool

The Altcoin Tool is a project where I'm working on in my free time. It's currently a portfolio where you can keep track of your crypto currencies. This project has been rewritten recently in symfony.

2016 - Chiro Skippy

Cash Deck

At our youth movement we have some food festivities. Besides the registering tool (which you can find next to this project), I also created a tool where they can easily calculate the bills.

2016 - Chiro Skippy

Registration System

I created a registering system for the food festivities of our local youth movement. A few years after the initial creation, I made it completely autonomous. That way the admins could create new events and change some parameters themselves.

KBVB Calendar Sync

This tool was build to create ical events of our football games and to import them into our personal agendas.

2015 - Dyolzas

OnePlus Invite Hacker

I needed a new smartphone and I really wanted a OnePlus. Back then you needed an invite before you could actually order one. How higher in the queue how earlier you would get an invite. That's why I hacked the invite system. The way you could bump higher was by inviting friends. If they clicked on a link in an email, you would bump higher. I created a bot who was creating random email addresses. Then the bot filled them in in the system and waited for the invite email. The bot opened the email and clicked on the invite link. That way I could bump to place 200 of the 10 000 000 invites.

2014 - Dyolzas

World Cup Calendar

This website could add the games of the world cup into your personal agenda. During the creation of this website I came up with another good idea of a new project. That project would I call later 'KBVB Calendar Sync'.

2014 - KU Leuven


CADSS stands for Cloud Agendaring and Decision Support System and was my master thesis during my studies at KU Leuven. The goal of the thesis was to analyse and create a program for agenda and dossier management. This was the first time I used a framework when building a PHP application. Later I would use the same framework (Symfony) to build my Altcoin Tool.

2012 - KU Leuven

Duyols Motors

This was a school project and I actually still like the design. We had to create a website for a car repairer. We had to use PHP, Perl and I included some ActionScript to interact with the youtube API. Perl is not activated on my server and ActionScript is not supported anymore. So the website will be broken at some places.

2011 - KU Leuven

I See Monkeys

This website was first created in Photoshop. I thought back then that that was the way to do webdesign. Usually the whole site is a table and each cell is filled in with an image. This project learned me that designs can be made in Photoshop, but they should not be exported from Photoshop to HTML.

2009 - Chiro Skippy

Chiro Skippy

This was my first real website and as I thought that I did everything right back then, I was actually wrong. The structure of my code was really a mess. The pitfalls became visible when I needed to change something. There was a lot of repetition in my code and I needed to get rid of it. That's when I decided to learn PHP.

2006 - Dyolzas


I was 12 years old when I created my first website. Don't expect a lot from it, but I thought it deserved its place in this list as it showed me the way to software engineering.